If you don’t have a sponsor in mind, you can browse funding opportunities yourself. Go to http://www.funding.scival.com/.  You will need to set up an account from a Penn State IP address before you can use the funding site remotely. Enter your keywords for a list of both private and federal opportunities and sponsors. Once you find a set of keywords that return favorable results, you can save the search and set your account to send you alerts. If you have any difficulties and would like assistance using SciVal, please contact either Haley B. Finnegan (hbs131@psu.edu) or Barbara A. Cutler (bac31@psu.edu). .

The Graduate Exhibition takes place mid-way through the Spring Semester each year and provides a venue for graduate students to exhibit short videos, posters, artworks and performances to a wide audience. Cash prizes are awarded to winning submissions. 

Graduate Student Travel Grants to support presentation of work at an international conference or professional meeting outside the United States are available in amounts up to $500 from the Penn State Office of Global Programs.

The Palmer Museum of Art provides internships and work study positions for both Graduate and Undergraduate Students.  For information on available opportunities, deadlines and requirements visit the Palmer website