Q: My proposal requires cost share. How can I fulfill this requirement?

A: Cost Share (also referred to as matching or in-kind contributions) may be required by the sponsor, or the sponsor may indicate that proposals that include cost share will be looked upon more favorably than ones without. It is important to remember that all matching funds must be real expenses, such as salaries, graduate student stipends or tuition. Estimates of costs that will not be actually paid are not acceptable items. The Research Office will be happy to discuss options with you, and the Penn State policy for Cost Share can be found at http://guru.psu.edu/policies/RAG10.html

Q: I'm not sure if the funding opportunity that I'm interested in would be processed through the Research Office. How do I tell?

A: The Research Office is happy to discuss any opportunity with you and help to prepare budgets, etc, even if it is determined that it would benefit you to apply as an individual. Just give us a call or drop us an email!